what are the new html5 semantic elements

It's easy to understand and organize our code and it helps search engines to organize content more efficiently, as well. However, HTML5 has added a little meaning (semantic) and identifier to its elements, so web developers can use them wisely in their web pages. In this article, we'll cover all the remaining HTML5 Semantic Elements and we'll also design HTML5 basic layout using new semantic elements. Hence, HTML5 introduced a consistent list of semantic elementsto help search engines and developers. The tag doesn't convey extra importance; rather, the tagged text is … "/uploads/media/default/0001/01/25acddb3da54207bc6beb5838f65f022feaa81d7.jpeg". A webpage has a proper structure with a number of sections including headers, menus, main content or even footer. Tags like Article, Footer, Header, Figure, Caption, section, Nav what do you man by Semantic HTML Elements ? This HTML5 tags or HTML5 elements tutorial contains a complete list of all standard HTML5 tags belonging to the latest HTML5 and HTML specifications. The

element is used for adding signature or annotation to the
tag. The
element defines the main content of the page. The semantic elements added in HTML5 are: